Doll Cake Pan, Multiple Uses!

A few weeks ago I was asked to make a Tinker bell doll cake. If you know me you know that doll cakes have never been my thing. I was dreading buying the cake pan for this cake because I was afraid it only had one purpose and then it was just going to collect dust. First, I made Tinker Bell, and to my surprise she turned out a lot cuter than I had expected. I wasn’t thrilled with the inspiration photo I was sent, and I never like to just completely recreate someone else’s work, so I changed her up a bit.

Tinkerbell Doll Cake

For her buttercream icing I chose the small tip to make small rosettes and then made them ombre down the cake. I had to add a 10″ cake under the doll cake (which is 8 inches round) to get more servings. The ombre going down instead of up gave the cake a lighter feel at the bottom that slightly camouflages the fact that the larger cake is there. It helps it flow better instead of being a sharp change.


For the top of Tinker Bell’s outfit, where the leaves are, I decided that just buttercream icing was going to look tacky. I took some fondant, 3 different sized leaf cutters, and a maple leaf silicone veiner and made several different sized leaves to make the top. The more I added, the more I started to love this doll cake!

With perfect timing, The Cake Girls sent a monthly newsletter about holiday projects. One of these projects just happened to be something that required the doll cake pan! In their tutorial The Cake Girls showed how to use the pan to make a knitted winter hat. As soon as I saw the tutorial I had to try it, but I knew I didn’t want to recreate their design. I had already seen a very cute hat from Valkyrie that I loved, and I knew it was perfect.

(The ‘Merica Beanie‘ from Ashley Horner’s Valkyrie line)


Cake Girls Knitted Winter Hat Tutorial

Now I’m trying to think up other fun uses for this pan!

~ Jennifer

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