There is a cute little contest going on over at and I just entered!  It was so much fun making a cake from off of a t-shirt design.  I especially loved the design I picked because the children are sailing in a TOMS Shoe!  You can go HERE to view my entry and see all 60 of my photos!  Seriously, I think I have to be the person with the most photos.  It took me over an hour to resize and upload them all!

My threadcake is 100% edible!

What do you think?



7 comments on “Threadcake!”

  1. Thanks Mindee! I looked at so many designs and I just kept coming back to this one. Although, if I had time there was another design I’d like to try!

  2. I think this cake is so cute! You did an awesome job with all the small details on the children and the sail! Lovely!

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