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CHECK IT OUT: Our First Ever Podcast!

Recently, Emily and I were honored to be asked by David Crabill of the Forrager website to be on his new podcast that talks to home-based cottage food processors. If you don't know, Forrager is a great website to find all the laws in your state for cottage food laws. We talked about a variety ...

A Waffle Cake Tutorial

Eat cake for breakfast is a popular saying, but we suggest you make this waffle cake and eat it for breakfast!  It's a fairly simple cake design that I decided to make with my daughter as her first introduction into cake decorating. I considered buttercream rosettes, but this waffle was way ...

Alice in Wonderland

We are excited to post our cake from the last issue of 28th of Mae online bridal magazine! The stylized shoot was Laura's take on Alice in Wonderland. We created a whimsical, topsy-turvy style cake with different elements that represented something from the story. We included roses, a pocket watch, ...

Cake By The Emerald Coast

Last week I went on vacation to Destin, Florida. Destin has gorgeous white sand beaches, and clear emerald water. A few days before we left for vacation a cake idea came to me. I thought maybe I was crazy to try and get a cake decorated before leaving because departure was only about 3-4 ...

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