Happy Birthday Kaileigh!

Happy Birthday Kaileigh!

My baby girl turned 5!  Since I went all out for her brother’s birthday and made a Thomas the Train cake, I knew I had to do something fantastic for hers.  My initial thoughts were along the lines of a princess carriage but along the way I came across some pics on Flickr and got seriously inspired.  So I made her a 3D princess!  She is generic, no Disney or anything.  This was a major undertaking since it was really my second 3D cake and I had never done anything quite like this.  I didn’t want the stress of making a cake and trying to make her look like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty all in one cake.  I learned a lot making this cake.  Also a big THANK YOU to my cousin Alex who helped me with the detail work.


The Cake Mom

The Cake Mom
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