Birthday Cake
A Waffle Cake Tutorial

Eat cake for breakfast is a popular saying, but we suggest you make this waffle cake and eat it for breakfast!  It's a fairly simple cake design that I decided to make with my daughter as her first introduction into cake decorating. I considered buttercream rosettes, but this waffle was way ...

Undertale Cake

This year my daughter is really into the game and characters of Undertale. Sans is her favorite character. I knew I had to make her an Undertale themed cake featuring Sans. Last week, for fun, I drew Sans on the iPad. I found a drawing online and looked at it while freehand drawing Sans. I ...

Bob the Minion

Last year my husband, José, asked me to make him a minion birthday cake. I had really good intentions of doing that but I was also 8 months pregnant and working during the day, so my good intentions fell through. This year, very last minute I decided to make him a Minion cake. This cake did ...

A Little Sideways

Obviously the title is a reference to the movie 'Sideways', which I've actually never seen.  A few weeks ago I received an email with a request for a wine themed cake.  A few years ago I had a similar request from a friend to make her mother-in-law a wine cake.  I was really excited to get to try ...

Cinco de Mayo Birthday

  As I turned my calendar to May this morning, I remembered a birthday cake I made a few years ago for a lady who is lucky enough to share her day with that of Mexico's commemoration of the cause of freedom and democracy, Cinco de Mayo. Although I have no Mexican heritage (probably hard ...

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