We really suck at blogging, but we are back!

Our last blog post was in September of 2020…oops.

I used to love to blog and share updates, and somewhere along the way blogs sort of fell off and social media with in your face videos and photos became the thing to do. But, I am finding that social media is just not what it used to be. Algorithms make it almost impossible anymore for our posts to find their way to people’s feeds, and cakes that I personally think deserve just as much love as other accounts barely get seen or get any traction online.

For that reason, I think I am back to blogging, and now YouTube videos that I will be sharing here. Having four kids makes it really complicated to make consistent YouTube videos, but if I can get one a month out I will feel accomplished. My first YouTube video making Taco Cakes, took five hours just to decorate and MANY MANY hours to edit and finally upload. It was a total learning experience, but now I have a better idea of what goes into making a video. I had heard for years that video was the new thing online to get people to notice you, and I have reluctantly decided to start.

I have a really fun cake idea for my next video, so go subscribe to our YouTube channel right now for all the latest videos!

Also, from now on I will be sharing our latest cakes on our blog! We share all of our cake photos to our Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram pages as well, but you can always find us here on our website. 🙂

Here are some fun cakes from April and May of 2021:

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