Paducah, Kentucky location ONLY

These cakes will turn your celebration into a big hit!

Give us a 2-3 weeks notice, and we can create one of our pre-designed cakes.

This page is being updated. If your link doesn't work send us an email!

Please note that we cannot ship cakes.


Designs and prices are always subject to change.

**All designs are pre-designed and cannot be changed with the exception of certain colors, names and numbers. You will see these options reflected on the form. If you are looking for a more customized cake, then please fill out our Custom Cake Order Form Here.


Taco Cakes



Meal for a King/Queen



It Is Your Birthday


Unicorn Cupcakes

From $95.00

Multi-Colored Rosettes

From $125.00

Drippy Confetti

From $125.00

Sprinkle Fun

From $125.00

Ombre Rosettes

From $125.00

Unicorn Dreams


Stack of Pancakes

Sculpted - $300.00

One in a Mellon

Tiered - $275.00

Vintage Kitten

Tiered - $275.00

Donut Cake


Construction Ahead

Tiered - $275.00

Little Slugger

Tiered - $275.00

The Cake Mom & Co.
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