April Wedding

April Wedding

I’ve been to two wedding receptions at the venue where I delivered this cake, but by far Annie’s decorations were the best!

The table cloths were black with strips of damask print running through the middle, and the tables had yellow accents.

She also had her dessert tables nicely decorated to match.  One table was full of delicious treats that I was told Annie made herself!

Annie wanted to make her own wedding cake too,  but her family talked her out of it!!

I can’t imagine the stress that would be involved in doing that.  I’m stressed out enough when I deliver a cake, and drive like a 90 year old lady.  Just ask the woman in the SUV that was on my bumper the whole way to the venue!

I am officially in love with damask print, especially on cake.  I love exciting wedding cakes with bold designs and lots of color.

Damask Wedding Cake

Thank you Annie for asking me to make your wedding cake and congratulations to you and Michael.  May you have many wonderful blessed years together!


  1. Jennifer your cake was beautiful! It made me cry when I walked into the reception and saw it for the first time! You made it just the way I wanted! Thank you for the comment on my decorations! I made all the paper pomanders! I work on them everyday for three months! All the hard work paid off in the end! Thany for making that flawless cake Michael can’t wait to taste the top tier April 16 2012!

    • Annie, I am so thrilled that you loved it that much! Thanks for choosing me to make your cake and giving me such a fun design to work with! I could tell you worked very hard on the decorations, everything was gorgeous!

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