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Expert Ways to Incorporate Coffee in Cake

If you're a coffee and chocolate lover, then you'll love to know that coffee can be a great addition to a chocolate cake recipe.

Steps to baking a cake

We will explore the steps to baking a cake, along with some tips and tricks to ensure your cake turns out perfectly every time.

CHECK IT OUT: Our First Ever Podcast!

Recently, Emily and I were honored to be asked by David Crabill of the Forrager website to be on his new podcast that talks to home-based cottage food ...

A Meal Fit For A King

Over the weekend I entered my very first cake competition at the Show Me Sweets Cake & Cookie Convention in St. Louis, Missouri! As soon as I signed up ...

Making A Sculpted Giraffe Cake

Find out how our baker, Jennifer Lopez, created this sculpted giraffe cake.

9 Years Ago Today

I can still remember the girls lunch date I had one fateful day in 2009 with my friends Emily and Amy. For a few years I had been making fun cakes for my kids, ...

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  1. Thank you so much! It’s pretty fun to make too! 🙂

  2. No, sadly I did not! The line was too long to see him and by that time I was too hungry to care! I did get some up-close photos of him, but the only one of him looking turned out blurry.

  3. Lin, the actual posts were just wooden dowels covered in fondant.

  4. You can email us at for a quote.

  5. I’m so glad you liked the cake! I pretty much have nightmares about every cake and what could go wrong, haha! Thanks so much for the kind words. We appreciate your order!

  6. That’s why I posted it! So happy to help! Your cake looks great too!

  7. Thanks! I can email you a link to the place I got them if you don’t win.

  8. Thanks Brandy!

  9. Shhh…don’t give away my secret!

  10. That is terribly tragic! Thank you!

  11. Annie, I am so thrilled that you loved it that much! Thanks for choosing me to make your cake and giving me such a fun design to work with! I could tell you worked very hard on the decorations, everything was gorgeous!

  12. Oh yes, I will definitely be pulling this one out!

  13. It is very delicious, and I can’t taste the avocado at all. It’s a very rich and chocolaty pudding.

  14. I only found them when I was doing some research on Bare Minerals online!

  15. Thanks! You really should have seen my first pics, then again…

  16. Thanks! Not looking like makeup is really what drew me to want to try the mineral makeup. I tried the Bare Minerals once (the free application) at my salon, but I really wasn’t impressed enough to want to shell out $60!

  17. You could definitely try the samples to see if it works for you! I’m always skeptical about buying things online that I can’t try before hand, so the samples were such a plus!

  18. I really enjoyed the gas milage on your car!!

  19. Yes, oddly I find children much easier to take care of!!

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