Every Cake Has A Story: Lace Wedding Cake

Every Cake Has A Story: Lace Wedding Cake

I’m not sure I’ve ever made a cake and something not happen to make it eventful. Whether it’s staying up 24 hours to complete the cake or showing up to the delivery with the cake icing slowly melting down the side, cake decorating is never boring. One of my very first cake orders in 2010, I made the mistake of placing the cake topper on the cake before delivery. As I am driving down the interstate I look back to see the fondant 60 fall over on the cake. I had to pull over on the side of the interstate and take it off. When I arrived to the delivery I then had to stay and fix the topper before I could leave. I did learn my lesson on fragile decorations! Back in 2013 I made this gorgeous, yet massive, wedding cake.


The cake was very large. The bottom tier alone was a 14″ 4 layer cake. The support system was metal cake stackers so that added even more to the weight. I decorated and finished the cake and really never gave how heavy it would be one thought, I mean I was even working out so no big deal. Delivery time comes, I load up my kids and have the car ready to go. I go to pick up the cake and I realize this isn’t happening alone. Thankfully, I had a friend who’s husband was able to come by on his lunch break and put the cake in my van. WIth that part behind me I still realize that I have to take the cake out of my van and place it on a table at the venue. These are the moments that being spontaneous really help since I had no idea how this cake was getting inside. I arrive at the venue and go inside hoping they will have a nice sturdy metal cart. Nope. I wander around looking for someone strong. Nope. I finally find a helpful older lady that says she will help me. We each grab a side and it’s still so heavy we take baby steps to the table inside. Carrying and driving cake is still the scariest part of the job. I’ve learned since this cake to either have a strong person handy who can help me with delivery, or to stack cake on site. With some cakes that just isn’t possible.

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