Bob the Minion

Bob the Minion

Last year my husband, José, asked me to make him a minion birthday cake. I had really good intentions of doing that but I was also 8 months pregnant and working during the day, so my good intentions fell through. This year, very last minute I decided to make him a Minion cake.

This cake did not go according to plan. First, Bob was supposed to be Kevin but then I realized just how much cake that would take, so I opted for the shorter Minion. 

Bob was supposed to be upright and holding a small cake of his own. I started building my support system and put one of the pipe connectors too high up. I went to remove it and couldn’t get it off. My cake was then stuck in between two pipe connectors, neither of which would budge. 

The only way to fix this after trying my best to remove it, was to cut a large slice of cake out and remove the cake from the center pipe that was in the middle. I really wish I had photos of it now.

Then I realize that in my head Minions legs are close together, but all the cake photos of Minions have two separate legs. In my spontaneity of making the cake I had placed one pipe as the support leg and had thought I would put his legs around that.

This is when I decide that Bob must be upside down. While searching Google, I came across an upside down Minion cake and realized this would solve my problem with the legs.

After finally getting the cake together and crumb coated I wasn’t even sure I would finish this cake. Clearly sleep was needed! 😉

The next day, after some coffee, I baked some more cake and started working placing the yellow modeling chocolate around the cake. This was the deciding factor of the whole cake. I even skipped my noon Crossfit class because if I couldn’t get the cake covered then we were just going to eat naked cake with candles.

Luckily for José the modeling chocolate went on relatively easy. The cake was starting to actually resemble a Minion now, so I pressed on.

To me this is the best part. Now I can be creative and make some edible artwork!

Later that evening he got some overalls, and I decided to stay up until the ungodly hour of 3:30 am to get him finished!

I think my favorite part was making his overalls look like denim, and painting on the silver for the goggles. When both of those things were done he really looked like a Minion.

At this point he was basically done. I had to figure out a way to cover the ugly wooden board. Before when he was supposed to stand on legs, I was going to roll out fondant after he was done. Now that his head was on the board, and it was almost 3:30 am I didn’t care that much. The great thing about making a cake for yourself is that you can change it up as you go. 

I started to use the grass tip and make the board look like grass, but my buttercream wasn’t thick enough and so I ended up spreading out the icing so that it was flat.

The next day I added a ribbon and a baseball to balance on his foot and Bob the Minion cake was complete!

And I think José liked his cake too!

(For the record, José likes the Cubs. Go Cardinals!)

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