What I Did Last Saturday

What I Did Last Saturday

Last Saturday my friend Emily and I hopped in her boyfriend’s car and drove to St. Louis, MO

We shopped at a mall, where if I were able to afford the merchandise in it I would hang my head in shame for spending $295 on a sweater!  Do you know how many clothes I could buy for $295!?  Although, I did really love this and this!

Plus, if I bought a $295 sweater my kids would have it stained up the second I put it on.  I’ve considered starting my own clothing line called “The Napkin: Clothing for Moms”

I did happen to find one store I could afford, and of course it was a cookware store, Sur La Table.  I got some super good deals too, bowls & a colander on clearance!

Then it was time to cross the street to our main event of the day at the St. Louis County Library.

The Pioneer Woman‘s ‘Black Heels to Tractor Wheels‘ book signing tour!

We lined up.

Hello Emily!


The line just kept growing after we showed up.  Hello again Emily!

After about 30 minutes of standing outside in the cold, without my nice warm Uggs, the line finally started moving inside!

These lovely people did not like their picture being taken, some looked away!  Look up ladies you are all beautiful!

Hello the top of Emily’s head!

We waited inside in the warmth for about 30 more minutes before finally…

PW St. Louis

Sorry, I didn’t record the whole thing. 🙁

She claimed to be nervous, but I thought she did an excellent job!

After she was done talking, we waited some more.  Emily and I were in group 4.

Marlboro Man (Ladd), Ree’s husband, in the distance also signing books.

Finally, it was our turn in the room.


I was fine until it was my turn in line, and I became suddenly nervous.

I hadn’t really thought about what I would say.

I didn’t say much.  I managed to get out a “Hi, it’s nice to meet you, I love your blog.”

What I should have said is, “I really enjoy your blog because, of all the recipes with photos that let me know I’m making it right!  Also, because your posts on Tanner the barbie dog, and Pulling Out of McDonald’s really made me love you.  Oh, and your a homeschool mom and I can say your site has given me many tips and a lot of inspiration.  And then there is Charlie.” (I can’t wait to get my kid’s the book about Charlie!)


Up next was Emily.

PW liked Emily’s sweater/vest thing.

Emily also told her about how Em’s boyfriend was really enjoying ‘Black Heels to Tractor Wheels’! 😉

(Click the link to read it free on her blog)

Before we left I decided to go for it and give PW a business card!  I had really hoped to make some cookies to take to the book signing, but I ran out of time and also wasn’t sure if she would eat something some stranger brought to her!

I did tell her about the cookies, and I promised to make some and have a contest for you!

Maybe she will see them?

The Pioneer Woman was lovely, and if you don’t know who she is (like my husband.  Even though I’ve made countless recipes and always given her the credit) you should definitely check out her Blog.

She actually just won some blog awards for it!  Congratulations Ree!

More than anything though it was so great to spend the day with my best friend Emily!

  1. How fun! dis you also get MM’s autograph?

  2. No, sadly I did not! The line was too long to see him and by that time I was too hungry to care! I did get some up-close photos of him, but the only one of him looking turned out blurry.

  3. It was such a fun day! I had such a great time hanging out with my BFF! 🙂

  4. My car had a great time too!

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