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Jennifer Lopez

Hi, I’m Jennifer Lopez and I’m The Cake Mom!

I’m a wife and mom of 4 kids. I started ‘The Cake Mom’ from Sikeston, MO in 2009. I am extremely passionate about cake decorating and strive to make each and every cake order perfect!


I started baking and decorating in January of 2006. My first cake was for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. After that I was hooked! I have now been decorating cakes for 15 years.


Detail work. I prefer to work with fondant and modeling chocolate.  I love cakes that pose a challenge! One of my most challenging cakes was a bicycle. The bride’s fiance was an avid bicyclist and she wanted to surprise him with a bicycle on the grooms cake. She wanted a large bicycle to sit atop the actual cake. With a lot of PVC pipe and trips to Lowe’s, I came up with a bicycle frame that I then covered in fondant icing. It was quite challenging, but very fun!


I was always fascinated with cake, even as a young child. My family would order our cakes from a lady named Fern. I will never forget the cheese burger cake she made, I thought it was amazing! When I got married I always made sure my husband had a birthday cake. At that point in time I knew very little about cake design and thought the best decorations I could buy came from off the baking isle at the grocery store.

Then in 2006, cake decorating shows became all the rage, and they were such an inspiration to me. In 2007 I purchased my first shaped cake pan and made my daughter her 2nd birthday cake, it was Dora the Explorer. After making her cake I was hooked, and a month later I made a 16″ fondant covered cake for a graduation party. From that point on at every birthday for one of my children I made a cake, and I kept trying to push my cake decorating limits to see what I could accomplish.

In mid 2009 I entered the Saint Francis Medical Center baking competition and won second place in the cake division. In October 2009, at the urging of good friends, The Cake Mom opened for business. The cake is the centerpiece and most important part of any good party. My goal is to make quality cakes that not only look spectacular but also taste delicious as well.

Fun Facts

In 2017 I set out to help change Kentucky’s cottage food law to allow anyone to bake from home. I established the Kentucky Home Bakers, started a petition, and worked closely with the Institute for Justice. WPSD featured my story, thanks to Brianna Clark, and the story went Nation wide! In 2018 House Bill 263 was filed by Representative Richard Heath, and on April 2nd was signed into law by Governor Matt Bevin! Outside of cake decorating my hobbies are weightlifting and doodling on my iPad. You can follow my personal Instagram here.

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