UFC Cake

UFC Cake

This week I made a cake for my nine year old nephew and the theme was UFC.

The Chuck Liddell fighter is not edible, he was our keepsake, since cake doesn’t last as long as plastic.  🙂

I could tell Austin really loved his cake, he thanked me 3 times!  I’d say that is a good sign!


The Cake Mom
  1. Hey lady…great work!!! I make cakes as well and have a UFC cake order coming up…I’m having a hard time figuring out how to make the cage. Did you use a mold to make yours? I have looked at many of these cakes and yours is by far the best. I hope from one cake mom to the next…you can share your secret 😉

  2. Hey Miki Rose! Thanks for the compliments! I also had a hard time finding a way to make the cage. I finally decided on rolling out gumpaste and using a square cookie cutter to make the diamond shapes. Then I covered the posts in gumpaste. It’s pretty simple! When you are done with your cake send me a picture! 🙂

  3. do any of you guys allow the public to order a ufc cake from you or know where i could order one? also how much?

    • Mabel,

      We would be happy to make a UFC cake for you, depending on where you live. We offer cakes to residents of Southeast Missouri and Western Tennessee. Feel free to email us at thecakemom [at] gmail [dot] com if you live near either of those areas and we will put a quote together for you!

      Thanks for contacting The Cake Mom & Co.!

  4. Hi, what did you use as posts? Do you have a video I how to make it? I have to make one for my son may 9th. Thanks

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