Simple Buttercream Cakes Are Here To Stay

Simple Buttercream Cakes Are Here To Stay

If you keep up with cake trends, then you known that simple buttercream cakes have been a hot trend for a few years now. From naked cakes that only have minimal buttercream around the cake to simple buttercream rosettes or ruffles. These simple yet elegant designs are here to stay.

There is something so elegant about a simple rustic cake where you can see the cake coming through the buttercream. This naked design is even more spectacular with edible gold leaf added around the cake.

Simple buttercream cakes are especially great if you are wanting to add flowers and want them to really stand out.

The flowers themselves can also be made of sugar, and completely edible!

You can also add other elements to simple or naked buttercream cakes, like bacon or leaves.


Simple buttercream cakes are just a blank canvas that is waiting for you to customize however you like!

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