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The Cake Mom 10K Run for Charity:Water

I'm not really much of a runner. But in 5 months, I'm going to run a 10K.  (October 17th, 2010) It's going to require training, determination, endurance, strength and a whole lot of moral support. Honestly, I'm not all that sure I can handle it. But when I think of the millions of ...

Contest Cookies

The contest cookies are complete!  Congratulations to Emily Sikes and Travis Batista.  They both had really great designs, so I picked two winners.  Emily's design were spring weather cookies, but she had me at galoshes.  Travis' design was LOST, as in the show 'LOST', which just happens to be my ...

Easter Bunnies

This Easter, my daughter helped me make some cute little bunny cookies for her sunday school class at church.  When they were finished I put them in carrot bags!  These turned out so cute!  I hope everyone had a blessed Easter!     ~Jennifer

If You Like Cookies…

..then you'll LOVE this post! I'm having a cookie giveaway contest.  I'm giving away one dozen decorated sugar cookies to the person who can come up with the best SPRING cookie design.  It can be one design or it can be a theme design, where all the cookies have a theme.  Your design (s) will have ...

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