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Who Wants A Giant Cupcake?

So last April for my birthday, Emily got me a Giant Cupcake pan.  Can you believe I just now used it!?  I had a great idea, but I think I need a little more practice before I post a picture of what I really had planned.  So, since I already had the cake made and the ruffles I went ahead and added ...

Cinco de Mayo Birthday

  As I turned my calendar to May this morning, I remembered a birthday cake I made a few years ago for a lady who is lucky enough to share her day with that of Mexico's commemoration of the cause of freedom and democracy, Cinco de Mayo. Although I have no Mexican heritage (probably hard ...


For fun, last friday I made some mini white velvet cupcakes to take to my daughter's classroom.  Since they were minis I ended up having a ton of leftovers so I used up all the cute little flower cupcake liners I found on clearance at JoAnn's and made a few extra to leave in the office for the ...

A Charming Contest

I love a good contest, and giving away prizes, so here is a non-food prize that one of you will have the chance to win! The prize: Mini Measuring Spoons and Muffin Tin charms in Antique Gold. (Pictured below) I first saw these charms on Pinterest and then found a website that sells them.  If ...

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