I love a good contest, and giving away prizes, so here is a non-food prize that one of you will have the chance to win!

The prize: Mini Measuring Spoons and Muffin Tin charms in Antique Gold. (Pictured below)

I first saw these charms on Pinterest and then found a website that sells them.  If you ask me they are super cute!

Here is what they look like if you put them on a chain, but you could also put them on a charm bracelet. (Necklace shown in copper finish)

Here is how to win:

Post a comment on this blog post after you share our Facebook page with all of your friends.  When we reach 400 Likes we will randomly select a comment from this post and declare a winner.  See, sharing is fun and you win prizes!

Good Luck to everyone!


18 comments on “A Charming Contest”

  1. Hello,

    This is me, telling you that I sent your page to all of my 191 facebook followers and pretty much threatened to unfriend them if they don’t like your Facebook page, because that would mean they don’t like cake and cookies, and that my friend? Is just tragic.

  2. You do some of the most amazing things I have ever seen!! I love that your back up and running on FB!! Those charms are soooo cute!!!! Love them :0)

  3. Hey guys, your work is an inspiration to me! I’m going to culinary school and plan to open a bakery eventually. Those charms are so great. If I win maybe they’ll give me secret cupcake powers! 😉

  4. I love your blog, recipes and photos.. I’m an avid instagram follower of yours 🙂 And those charms are to die for. Even if I don’t win I’ll probably buy them :)! Keep up the good work!

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