Undertale Cake

Undertale Cake

This year my daughter is really into the game and characters of Undertale. Sans is her favorite character. I knew I had to make her an Undertale themed cake featuring Sans.

Last week, for fun, I drew Sans on the iPad. I found a drawing online and looked at it while freehand drawing Sans.

I used this drawing as my inspiration for the cake. Only for the cake I put Sans in his usual pink slippers.

For this cake I needed it to be a simple design, and small since we didn’t need many servings. I used wafer paper (rice paper), which is edible, to draw Sans and the other decorations. 

It took around 2 hours to draw/paint Sans onto the wafer paper. He then needed to dry and I attached him to another piece of wafer paper with piping gel. Anytime I’ve used food coloring on wafer paper it starts to wrinkle up so I placed Sans on the other piece of wafer paper to smooth him out a bit. If you look at the photo you can see that the heart still has some wrinkles.

I found an online font generator to get the comic sans for the bubble. I used my iPad to trace it onto the wafer paper. Usually I would print the font and then trace it, but I’m out of ink.

My favorite thing about Sans is that his font is comic sans and that he likes to tell jokes with puns. Kaileigh has told me many jokes about bones since finding Sans. 

Kaileigh loved her cake! We all loved eating it too! White velvet cake with chocolate icing is seriously yummy.

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