Tips For Your Perfect Cake Tasting

Tips For Your Perfect Cake Tasting


The bride is the star of the wedding, but the cake is the main attraction at the reception. To make sure your cake is the perfect centerpiece, you may want to schedule a cake tasting. We’ve got some cake tasting tips to make sure you get the most out of your appointment.

Some bakers provide free cake tastings, and some charge a fee. Be prepared to pay for a cake tasting from smaller bakers (those without storefronts, especially) who do tastings on a client-by-client basis. We charge a $50 fee that includes 3 flavors of cake, along with our freshly made vanilla buttercream icing. Our tastings are on a scheduled basis, and being a small from home business, every batch of cake is made fresh for you!

When attending a cake tasting, you should keep the number of people with you to a minimum. Maybe have your fiancé or mom, but outside of that, we don’t recommend more than one or two people. Our maximum is 4 guests, because the focus should be on what you – the bride – like. We’ve had tastings where a large group of people showed up. That meant there was almost not enough cake for everyone to try, as we were only expecting about 2 guests. If you plan on bringing a larger group to your tasting then be upfront with your baker before coming, but be aware that this could add on additional fees. The tasting is also about allowing the baker to learn about your vision and style, so again, with too many people the focus may be taken off of you, the bride.

Come to the tasting with a budget in mind. You may even want to know the baker’s base price per serving before setting up the appointment, that way there are no surprises. This will save everyone time if your budget is known upfront. Most bakers are more than happy to try to work within your budget.

Many times, we’ve had brides do a tasting and still not be certain of the servings, and that is okay! The cake tasting is a time to get the general idea of what you want across to your cake designer. They will be taking notes.

At the tasting, you can bring photos of cakes you like and talk more about the design. This is a good time to make sure that your baker is completely aware of your cake design and style choices.

You should not expect a quote at the same time as the cake tasting. If you have just informed the baker of your design and servings, do not expect a quote the same day. Cake quotes require time to research your design and figure up just how much will be invested into the cake with supplies and time.

A cake tasting can be a really fun event — especially for grooms — and if you know what to expect and how to be prepared it will be even more enjoyable.

Contact us today to set up your cake tasting, or to get a wedding cake quote! For all of our most frequently asked questions, check out our Order Information page.


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Portions of this post were first published in the October 2017 issue of 28th of Mae Online Bridal Magazine.
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